Here’s a glimpse into our crazy, unpredictable, nomadic life!

My husband Eric, myself, and our 2 children, Waves (16 months old) & Reef (4 months old) are stoked to share some insight into traveling with children stress-free and inexpensively.

Eric’s career in dredging keeps our family continuously on the road.  During his offtime (usually every 2 weeks) we go on an epic family adventure with the core being the great outdoors!

A few years back we sold our home in Florida and decided to live wherever Eric needed to work.  I’ve been on the road with him for 3 1/2 years (started as a stay-at-home girlfriend) and I wouldn’t trade it for the world.  We’re enjoying our lifestyle even more now that we have two children traveling with us.  We have minimal possessions, maybe one too many surfboards but you can’t have a lot of shit, period.  The lack of “things” is easily compensated by our continuous travel.  We are endlessly grateful for our beautiful life with our amazing little ones.

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