Camp, Surf, Spearfish

Eric had his business meeting in Ocean City, MD (we will be in OC on and off for the next couple months for work) and then we hit the road to head north.  We made it to this awesome campground right outside of NYC in Harriman State Park at Beaver Pond Campground.  *DISCLOSURE- apparently this campground can be dirty and loud.  It has 130 sites that’s usually totally booked throughout the summer and then weekends until the cooler weather comes.  There were terrible reviews online but we decided to try it out anyway.  Luckily,  there were only 12 sites taken during our stay which made it for a quiet, peaceful evening.  So if you plan on camping here, don’t do it during the summer and if it’s after Labor Day shoot for a weekday to avoid the crowds.

Waves had the best time at this campground, she ran naked all evening and again the next morning- even chasing some deer while saying “deer deer bye bye.”  Her fascination and love for animals is something else.

We made it to Narragansett, Rhode Island and set up shop on the beach.  The beaches are beautiful, clean and whoowee this town has some $$$; HUGE mansions on the ocean.  I got in a little surf, Waves got in a little session too (and her first wipeout) and then Eric left me with the kiddos for the afternoon to spearfish with a friend.  This is where my living hell began- I love my kids but damn they drive me absolutely crazy… Reef wanted to be held the whole time and Waves was as always running around everywhere.  After a couple hours of chasing her and having Reef in the baby carrier everyone collectively decided to have meltdowns.  I’m trying to get all the shit packed up (mind you when I take the kids by myself I generally bring a water and the baby carrier and thats IT), all the toys, the tent and Reef’s Baby Bjorn Bouncer.  I finally got it all packed up even though the screaming from Waves never stopped.  She refused to walk to the car so here I am trying to juggle both kids, 2 bags and a tent.  My lips started trembling and I knew the tears were coming… and then out of nowhere this gentleman Waves said hi to earlier came and grabbed everything and helped me to the vehicle.  I literally cried as I thanked him for his kindness.

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We had zero intentions of staying in Ganset for the evening but with no idea when Eric would be back from spearfishing I decided to find a hotel quickly and get the kids down for a nap.  20 minutes later we’re at the hotel (Atlantic House) and I’m showering all of us to get the sand off- and yes, everyone is still screaming.  The kids had their milk and I laid them in bed in hopes of some downtime; HA, wishful thinking.  No one napped, Reef wouldn’t stop whining and Waves needed every ounce of my attention.  I’ve been battling Post Partum Depression (when I get a little more courage I will blog about that) and some days are better than others.  I’ve finally set up an appointment with a professional when I get visit WNC to discuss what I’ve been going through the last few months.

I gave up on Eric ever coming back so I got a pizza delivered for dinner.  Eric showed up shortly after and showed off his successful day of spearfishing! He speared 2 Tautog and in the last few minutes of his dive he saw a fluke (what us southerners call flounder) and speared the bottom dweller!  He was stoked as our family sat around and watched him fillet his bounty.  My sea boss never disappoints, each of those fish were about 5lbs!  As for Waves, she loved the dead fish so much that she shared her bunny blanket with one of the Tautogs; by sharing I mean she rubbed her blankie on the TauTog’s face.

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We rested up last night and now we’re on the road heading up to Maine to Acadia National Park.  Who knows where we will end up tonight?!


A Tip from the Travelin’ Tribe Archive:

When camping or with our travels and never knowing when I will be around a charge for my phone, I now can’t travel without bringing our Compact Portable Charger.  Awesome price, small and a beast when it comes to charging!  I generally can fully recharge my phone 3 times off the portable charger before it needs to be charged again.

Until Next Time,
Stay Wanderous & Wild
-The Mitchell Tribe