Catskill Forest Preserve

We overnighted in Salem, New Hampshire and then started our drive down to New York.  I’ve been to all the NorthEast states except Vermont so we made a detour to check out Green Mountain National Forest.  Wow, Vermont’s fall foliage is already gorgeous; I love Autumn (even though it’s not technically here, but boy do I see it)!

We finished up our drive and finally made it to Catskill Forest Preserve.  The leaves are just beginning to change colors, the peak will be in a few weeks.  We set up our campsite at the North-South Lake Campground and then hurried to the lake to chill for the evening and sunset.

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The kids actually slept good last night and the temperatures cooled off quite a bit during the early morning; it was delightful.  We had some breakfast and then went for a hike to the Kaaterskill Falls!  We had it all to ourselves, Eric even took a “shower.”


Now we’re on the road currently in route to Shenandoah National Park for some camping tonight and hiking tomorrow.  Fingers crossed it will be an easy traveling day with the little ones.

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A Tip From The Travelin’ Tribe Archive: 

If you plan on doing a good amount of traveling I would highly recommend purchasing a GPS.  We love Garmin; you can even buy a baby cam and set it up in the back and watch the kiddos from the GPS.  A GPS eliminates any issues of not knowing where to go in the event you lose cellphone service (which no one ever has service in National Forests/Parks) and it’s also been very beneficial on our International travels.  Renting a GPS can be costly, so if you want to buy one make sure it’s a GPS that can be used worldwide.  Whenever we go out of the country we simply buy the country’s map through Garmin and bam just saved $14 a day on renting one!

Until Next Time,
Stay Wanderous & Wild
-The Mitchell Tribe