Basic Family Camping Gear- What To Buy

img_0839-8Now listen, I’ve done all this research extensively.  I was on a mission to find the perfect, lightweight family gear.  Days and hours of research led me to these essentials.  I’m not going to get into every detail or specs of the items because I’ve convienently provided a link to all the info you need.  Let me know if you have any questions.  I’m working on cooking and hiking gear essential list, keep an eye out!

  • Sleeping Bag– The North Face Homestead Twin 40 is perfect for our family! It comfortably fits 1 kid and 1 parent in each sleeping bag.  It comes with a compression sack and overall is fairly light in weight when you consider it’s for 2 people.  The best part about the sleeping bag is that we can zip our 2 bags together and have one large sleeping bag to fit all 4 of us! My husband likes to call it the “burrito!”
  • Sleeping PadThermarest Trail Scout Sleeping Pad is something my husband teases me for having but who doesn’t want to be comfy when you’re camping? Perfect, compact, comfortable pad that is worth the little space it takes up in your pack! My husband and I both have the size Large, and the children have the size Small! We love these pads.  Always make sure to buy a repair kit and have it handy just in case.
  • Tent– The North Face Talus 4 gives plenty of room along with a peace of mind knowing your tent is quality made.  We’ve camped in deserts, beaches and rainy cold weather and couldn’t be more pleased with the tent.  It’s lightweight and easy to set up, and it has only one large pole.  Spacious yet a compact 4 person tent.  Convienent storage and pocket spaces too, I can go on all day about his tent!
  • Backpack– Osprey Xenith 105 Pack is where it’s at! You can’t go wrong with an Osprey Pack.  Even though designed for long distance backcountry hiking, it’s also a great bag for Papa Bear to hike in short distances to our camp spots.  I generally carry the children and he carries the gear, teamwork baby! The bag is super spacious, durable, and down right huge.  Don’t forget to purchase a rain cover separately!

*All of the gear we buy we see many years of use out of, not just while the kids are young.