Shenandoah National Park

We were delayed by a day making it to Shenandoah due to our unruly little travelers.   We stopped driving for the day in Pennsylvania and found a playground for them to play at, and then we found some delicious Mexican food & some much needed margaritas.   After a nice evening sleep in a hotel we hit the road to Shenandoah!


It was a gorgeous day in the mountains- we hiked to the highest peak in the National Park on the Lower Hawksbill Trail.  Both the kids were awake the entire hike just taking in all the beauty and nature surrounding us.  We had one more hike we planned on doing but decided to go relax at our campsite.  We camped in Lewis Mountain Campground which is around mile marker 55 on Skyline Road.

Got the hammock and tent set up while enjoying a local apple beer.  We were hopeful that no one would set up camp right next to us, especially with two babes I would imagine the average person would want to stay as far away from our family as possible!  And then there was a huge CruiseAmerica RV that ended up pulling in right next to us; I saw this family earlier running around the park so I was stoked that they had kids so everyone could play!  They kindly came over to ask if we mind if they ran their generator- and that’s where it all began.

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They are Danish nomads that live in Spain but travel the world for work; they just were in Iceland and they’ve been in the US for over a month.  It’s not everyday we meet a family that has a similar lifestyle to us.  We sat around the fire storytelling about our lives, adventures and children.  Oh and lots of wine, wine wine! We look forward to our paths crossing again at some point in life, they were simply a badass family.

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Needless to say we slept amazing last night and now we’re currently in route to the Outer Banks of North Carolina.  Eric has to work tomorrow and I’ve got to start unpacking from this trip and packing up again, the kids and I are going to on a roadtrip to Western North Carolina this weekend!

A Tip From The Travelin’ Tribe Archive:

Looking for the best backpack carrier for kids?  After a lot of research and trying several brands on we easily made the decision to purchase the Osprey Poco AG Plus.  It’s SO comfortable, plenty of room for storage and overall lightweight and compact.  We’re about to purchase another one for Reefie!

Until Next Time,
Stay Wanderous & Wild
-The Mitchell Tribe 

Until Next Time, Alaska 

We finally approached our last day in Alaska, neither of us were ready to leave.  We finished getting everything packed for our flight and then headed to Tongass National Forest, which happens to be the largest National Forest in the US.  We walked around on the bear viewing platform and saw several salmon, dead and alive but no bears.

We then did a few mile hike on the Mendenhall Glacier Trail.  The plan was to make it to the ice caves but we didn’t have enough time.   There’s so much to do and explore at this Glacier, we will definitely be back.

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After the hike we headed to the airport to catch our 1815 flight.  We lucked out, 2 out of the 3 flights Waves and I had our own row and Dada and Reef had their own.  We flew from Juneau to Seattle to Chicago to Charlotte.  We still have a 6 hour drive back to the Outer Banks.

Time and time again Eric and I were mistaken for locals in Alaska. It’s one of those places that we just fit in; we feel at home and our souls are satisfied.  In the last 6 weeks we’ve nearly spent 3 weeks in Alaska. There’s been a lot of discussion about moving here or at least purchasing a parcel of land.  We envision our family living a simple life on our homestead that we built with our own two hands.  Taking them hunting for caribou and fishing for salmon to stock our freezer for the winter months.  Having a childhood totally unplugged.  Being one with nature and being authentic to this world and to ourselves.  Ahh dreams!



We should be to the Outer Banks around 2000.  Eric will be up bright and Eric to start his 14 day work rotation tomorrow.  The kids and I will spend tomorrow at the beach and unpacking/laundry.  We are heading to Virginia this weekend to visit family so I’m looking forward to our 2 days of downtime before we hit the road again.

In the next two weeks I’m going to work on this blog site and have it up and running the way I anticipated.  Posts might be far and few between but we’re already counting down for our next epic adventure in 15 days!!  We still have no idea where we will end up, stay tuned.



A tip from the Travelin’ Tribe Archive:

(1) If possible, take evening flights when traveling with children!  I don’t know what our family would do without a red-eye flight; especially when traveling cross-country.  It makes our lives pleasantly easier and a lot less stressful. Who doesn’t like a sleeping baby on a plane!

Until Next Time,
Stay Wanderous & Wild
-The Mitchell Tribe