Acadia National Park

We drove all the way from Narragansett, Rhode Island to Seawall, Maine which made for a long day in the truck with the babies.  Majority of the time they seem to do well with the traveling but everyone was a mess today.  Waves has figured out if she tells us she has poop in her diaper that we will pull over, smart girl.  It’s never easy traveling with little ones but the reminder of the “jackpot” at the end of the rainbow keeps us going.

We made it to Acadia National Park and grabbed one of the last tent sites available at the Seawall Campground.  Eric cooked up some of the fluke for dinner he spearfished the day before while the kids and I went for a walk in the forest to look for bugs under rocks and logs.  It was a beautiful, foggy, mysterious kind of evening.  I was stoked to go to sleep knowing this was the first time camping with our babies were no concerns of brown bear, black bear or mountain lions in the area.   Unfortunately around midnight we awoke to Waves screaming.  She was burning up so I immediately took her clothes off and attempted to take her temp orally for the first time and although it wasn’t completely accurate, the reading of 104 put me in panic mode.  I took her outside of the tent to let her cool off and gave her a round of Ibuprofen and then Tylenol.  After about an hour she started to feel a little cooler and by 3 hours she was sweating so that was a good sign the fever broke.  She finally went back to sleep around 0300; our alarm was set for 0400.

I didn’t fall asleep for that last hour because my mind was all over the place.  Alarm went off, we loaded the kids in the car and drove the 40 minute drive up to Cadillac Mountain. The entire drive up the mountain was totally foggy, you could barely see ahead.  We saw several deer frolicking around and even had a deer get caught in our headlights.  Once we made it to the parking area for Cadillac Mountain the fog suddenly cleared, whoohoo!  There were only 5 other cars up there- early bird catches the worm, or in the case the sunrise!  We had 75 minutes to kill before the sun rose so we grabbed our JetBoil and Eric made some coffee and warmed up some milk for Waves.


We scrambled around the rocks trying to get as close to the spot where Eric proposed to me on 6/15/15.  We sat and watched as the colors of the sky were changing as it was getting closer to the sunrise.  It was so foggy below the mountain that we couldn’t see the ocean, it seemed as though we were floating in the clouds.  As the sun began to rise my mind was flooded with memories from our last visit.  It’s amazing how far we’ve come as a family in just a few short years.  My heart couldn’t be happier sharing this amazing view with our family.


A quick background about our family- after Eric proposed at Acadia NP we eloped 2 weeks later to Niagara Falls State Park and got married (and soaking wet) on the Maid of the Mist Boat!  We had The Reverend wear our GoPro which went for a viral video online and a debut on syndicated TV show, Inside Edition and Right This Minute did 2 segments on us!  Click here to watch Inside Edition segment.


After the sunrise we headed back to camp and cooked up some eggs and packed up and decided to go for a short hike on Ship Harbor Trail.  Immediately at the trailhead I spotted a crabapple tree where Waves picked her first apple.  She munched on it for half of the hike!  There were a lot of firsts for Waverly today besides the apple.  She almost completed the 1.3 mile hike of the rugged trail by herself and picking up any trash she found along with way.  She also had her first tick bite, it was a nymph; I don’t even know how Eric found it on her- it looked like a spec of dirt.  Acadia National Park is one of the few NP’s that carries lyme & deer tick disease.  I just learned that the nymph tick is the one that transfers the disease; one more thing to worry about, I really hope she will be OK.

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We hopped in the truck and had a 6 hour drive to Salem, New Hampshire where we stayed the night in a hotel and it was oh so nice!  We’re currently in route to Green Mountain National Forest in Vermont and then we will slowly start making our way south to Shenandoah National Park in Virginia.


A Tip From the Travelin’ Tribe Archive:

I ALWAYS carry baby Ibuprofen, Tylenol, Benadryl, a thermometer and vaseline with me.    When I say always, I mean it (even for a quick beach run).  So make sure when you are traveling with littles one that you are always ready for anything, especially when hiking or camping.  I also have images on my phone for all the dosages for each mediation for each child in the event the bottle paper gets destructed and I can no longer read the appropriate dosing.  I can’t emphasize this enough on how important it is when traveling with children to be prepared for ANYTHING.

Until Next Time,
Stay Wanderous & Wild
-The Mitchell Tribe


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