Change of Plans

Surprise!  What we planned yesterday morning for the day changed- that’s the story of our travelin’ life.  We were suppose to camp in Wrangell St Elias but a detour to Anchorage for some essentials and finally filleting the halibut from the night before delayed us quite a bit.

We finally left Anchorage and ended up camping for the night along the way at some random tent site in King Mountain State Recreation Area.

Eric cooked up the halibut on the fire while I took care of the kids and got the tent set up.  Believe it or not when dinner was ready both kids were asleep- yes, Eric and I actually had a nice dinner, just the two of us!! We had awesome halibut tacos and sipping some Pinot from the bottle (classy).

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Waves woke up and I was feeding her dinner and got startled by something big, brown and muscular walking behind the brush near our site.  I calmly told Eric to grab Reef immediately and go to the car because I saw a brown bear.  I will say it was dusk at the time and I didn’t have my glasses on, haha.  Once the kids and I were in the car Eric went to check the scene out.  It wasn’t a grizzly but a female moose heading down to the stream for a drink.  Whoowee, that was a little frightening but overall a cool sighting.  The moose was within 30 feet of us, pretty wild.

Once I told Waves I saw a moose and pointed to the location she couldn’t stop saying moose and wanting to go back over there! Silly girl.

We slept so cuddly and sound last night.  It got pretty cool in the early morning but everyone stayed warm with no issues. We prefer to camp in cooler temperatures, it’s certainly more comfortable!

We’re on the road to Wrangell right now (4 hour drive) and should be pulling up around 1430.  It’s been a gorgeous drive.  We plan on a quick hike and then camping somewhere tonight!  Stay turned for our next crazy adventure!

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A tip from the Travelin’ Tribe Archive:

(1) If you plan on renting a car and bouncing around daily during your adventure, treat your car like your house.  Utilize any and all space, keep it tidy and know where everything is at all times.  We’ve been living out of our vehicle since we’ve been in Alaska and it’s worth the extra effort and less stressful if you keep the car organized!


Until Next Time,
Stay Wanderous & Wild
-The Mitchell Tribe

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