Camping & Hailbut Fishing 

Wow, it’s been crazy busy since our last entry! We ended up camping for the night on the Homer Spit in a consistent amount of rain.  Luckily we had the right gear so no issues there.

It was a beautiful evening with the waves crashing on the shore and the rain hitting in tent.  The cooler weather and our awesome sleeping bag that we turn into one big “burrito” was perfect for the family.  The rain continued throughout the morning and stopped right before we hopped the 1300 departure from the boat dock.

It was rough waters and a strong, unforgiving tide.  I initially went to fish with both kids strapped to me (Waves on the back and Reef on the front) but that didn’t work.  We were fishing in depths of nearly 200 feet with 2 pound weights and a ripping current, it was difficult!  Poor Reef ended up getting whacked with the reel on his head when I was reeling in, I felt terrible.  Still on a mission to fish I decided to strap Reef to Eric’s back so we both have one and we can continue to do our thing- but he clearly wasn’t ready for that so inside I went.

The water was rough- people were getting sick on the boat and not fishing because it was too difficult.  I watched the kids while my husband fished because I so desperately wanted him to land a halibut! Inside the galley the kids slept during the back and forth rocking of the boat and sliding on the benches in their slippery rain gear.  It wasn’t an easy day on the water managing 2 by myself on a rough day.  I kept focusing on the big picture- Eric catching a fish!

The tide got just right and the Captain put us on the right spot and bam just like that the few badass fishermen who never wussed out started reeling them in!  Of course one of those men being my husband.  Just like that he limited out on his 2 halibut and now it’s mama’s turn to fish!  I get the bait and weight to the bottom of the floor and immediately feel a bite and do a little tug, Whoohoo I got one! 200 feet later I got him to the boat and dang my arms were on fire, what a workout.  The Captain told us to reel ’em in for the night since we were already almost an hour late back to the dock.  We went out with Rainbow Tours in Homer, check them out they were awesome!

We started our 4 hour drive last night up to the outskirts of Anchorage at 2000.  With one stop we ended up to our little motel in Indian right around 0030.  Holy moly we are spent.  The entire family slept in until 0830 which was such a treat.  As always we took our time getting ready for the next stretch of the trip.  Now we are in Anchorage getting the fish on dry ice and some last minute supplies for camping the next 2 nights.

Soon we will be on our way to Wrangell St Elias National Park for camping tonight and hiking.  Also a very Happy 4 Months old to our sweet baby, Reef!  Thanks for being so adventurous :).  Keep an eye out for a post and pictures tomorrow about our adventures from today!
A Tip from the Travelin’ Tribe Archive:

(1) Our Yeti Tundra 50 cooler is something we literally always travel with.  We call it our fridge during our road trips.  It allows us to have fresh produce, foods and cheeses which in return helps us save money.  Even more convenient when you need to use it to fly back halibut filets to the East Coast!


Until Next Time,
Stay Wanderous & Wild
-The Mitchell Tribe


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