Are We There Yet??

The nice thing about having nothing planned on a trip is all the flexibility! We slept in this morning and slowly started the discussion on what we will do for the day.

We decided to start the trek Wrangell St Elias, which means an entire day of driving. From Haines Junction, Canada to Wrangell, Alaska is about a 10 hour drive not including stops. It’s very unlikely we will do the entire drive today, we’ll just go with the flow and see how the kids are feeling. Luckily we have a gorgeous drive ahead of us being that the road takes us through Kluane National Park.

The Alaska Highway is truly something else. It’s so wild, remote and simply breathtaking. The cooler temperatures and some fall foliage starting to show is a nice change from our visit last month. Autumn in Southeast Alaska and Southwest Canada is not a specific date but more of signs from nature when it’s officially here. The fireweed will only have flowers on the top (when we were here in July they were in full bloom) and several, specific migratory birds are leaving for the season.

We can’t get over our Grizzly encounter today! Grizzlies always seize to amaze us, they’re incredibly intelligent creatures and happen to be our favorite animal besides sharks. This fella was in the brush as we were driving down Alaska Highway 1 when Eric spotted him! We pulled over as I’m quickly scrambling to find my phone for a picture. He stood on his hind legs and looked both ways for traffic and then back on all fours to cross the road. It was remarkable to whiteness in the gorgeous Yukon Territory.


This moment was a dream come true for us. We’ve been chasing the idea of seeing a grizzly on the side of the road all over Montana, Idaho, Wyoming, Alaska, Alberta and British Columbia. Needless to say we can’t stop smiling and our daughter, Waves (16 months old) was stoked too, she goes grrrr when she sees a bear.

We’re back in Alaska and figuring out our next move. Check back tomorrow to hear about our journey!


Here’s a tip from the Travelin’ Tribe Archive:

(1) Being nomad family it’s important for our children to easily adapt to any place or situation when it comes to sleeping. They might not be in the same bed every night but familiar sounds and smells can be comforting to babies and children in unfamiliar places. From the day the children were born we started using a white-noise application on our phone called Rain Rain. If you upgrade to the premium package for a few dollars extra you get some beautiful nature sounds like the ocean, rainforest, etc. It helps our entire family sleep better. We also bed share with our family of 4 which makes traveling a lot easier. I also love using this natural, earth friendly Lavender Spray from BeeGreen for their familiar smell!
Until Next Time, 
Stay Wanderous & Wild
-The Mitchell Tribe 


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