Glacier Bay National Park

There’s something about Alaska that ignites our souls which makes us extra grateful to be back in The Last Frontier!  We flew from NC yesterday and landed in Juneau with our heads on the pillow around midnight. The alarm at 0330 came entire too early this morning, but a nice reminder our adventure is about to officially begin.
Back to the airport for a 0530 flight as we hopped a small plane from Juneau to the bush village of Gustavus. From Gustavus we boarded a boat for our all day excursion of Glacier Bay!

Immediately we were greeted by several sea otters and a humpback whale showing off his tail. We saw tufted puffins, sea lions, mountain goats and a massive coastal grizzly bear with her cub fishing. By the end of the day a total of 7 brown bears, 2 bald eagles, sea otters floating on icebergs and a moose swimming across the gorgeous bay.
It’s beautiful watching all of these animals in their natural habitat but hard to imagine life here 250 years ago. There were no trees and no animals, just a huge glacier in a broad valley that was moving down. That huge glacier (Grand Pacific Glacier) was and is still the quickest glacial retreat ever recorded.

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It’s been bittersweet visiting this National Park. The healthiest glacier in the park, Margerie Glacier, lost a tremendous amount of ice just in the past year due to warmer temperatures (you know, that thing called GLOBAL WARMING). This is the glacier that everyone comes to witness, and to think that it will eventually disappear not because of natural causes but because of humans is saddening.

It’s also powerful because we CAN make a difference- each and every one of us can help protect this incredibly gorgeous and resilient Earth.

We will finally make it back to our room for the night around 2030. Traveling all day yesterday and then 17 hours of adventuring today, needless to say we’re exhausted.

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A tip from Travelin’ Tribe Archive:

(1) Get outside with your family daily. Whether you’re on vacation or just on your normal routine. For us, we call it sanity!!

Until Next Time,
Stay Wanderous & Wild
– The Mitchell Tribe

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  1. This blog is inspiring and beautiful. I’m loving your adventures Mitchell Tribe! Can’t wait to see more! Kiss those sweet babies for us

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    1. Thanks Britt! Super stoked to share our journey 🙂 love you!



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