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Here’s a quick, FIRST entry on our way from Charlotte, North Carolina to Juneau, Alaska! This is our second trip out to Alaska in the last month; there’s something about the remote wilderness and beauty of this state that ignites our souls.

I have a lot of catching up to do with the whole blogging scene! I’m stoked to finally start writing about my families adventurous travels and nomad lifestyles (and sharing ALL the beautiful photos!!). The purpose of this blog is to share my families traveling journey! We have a unique, nomad lifestyle that I will write more about in the upcoming month. Just a fair warning, I have terrible grammar!

I plan on writing entries about all of our travels, how to find the best deals on flights, hotel rooms/car rentals, the detailed logistics of a successful, stress-free trip with children and tips galore about outdoor adventuring with two wild children, flying and basically anything a fellow mama can advise on to help families travel and live easier.

My 16 month old, Waves has visited 27 U.S. States (airports don’t count), 5 countries/territories, 33 U.S. National Parks and countless public lands and national parks all over the world.

My 3 month old, Reef has visited 9 U.S. States, visiting his second new country this week, and 18 U.S. National Parks along with countless public lands.

I will slowly touch base on each of these family trips in the upcoming months by sharing pictures, itineraries, lodging/eating, reviews on products we use and can’t live without traveling. I look forward to sharing my wisdom on how to be a successful, laid- back travelin’ tribe!

Luckily our children are amazing when it comes to traveling. I firmly agree with familiarizing your children with anything at a young age will help them adapt to that sort of lifestyle. I can proudly say that Waves has zero interest in electronics. When we travel she likes books, interacting with others, sleeping and if we do watch videos they are silly ones on my phone of our family adventures. Traveling with our family is far more exciting than we could ever imagine. The endless, friendly stranger chatter and the countless hellos to all the little kids at the airport keeps us smiling non-stop.

Since I’m new to the blogging I will try and do a few entries while we are in Alaska otherwise I will start blogging more regular basis once we get back at the end of August!! In the meantime you can follow our journey on Instagram @Mountain2Seas


I will now leave you with some tips from my Travelin’ Tribe Wisdom Archive:

(1) Never check in via online 24 hours prior to your flight. In the event you can’t make your flight (or you miss a flight because you slept in) you can be refunded partially for the ticket price if you DON’T check in. Once you check in that means you’re accounted for by the airlines and they expect you on the flight no matter what.

(2) The second we walk into the airport we flip the switch and currently change the time to whatever timezone we’re traveling to. For families that don’t travel as often out of time zones you can start changing the time slowly several days before the trip so your little ones can easily adapt. The nice thing is jet-lag makes everyone exhausted so when it’s time to sleep for the night there are usually minimally issues.

(3) Even if you only fly once a year, domestically within the US, TSA Pre-Check is worth purchasing.

(4) Do not rely solely on your phone app for updates on flight changes. My best advice is to check the monitors. Recently our flight was delayed and at the check in counter they failed to mention they put us on an earlier flight. We ended up hearing our name over the intercom for final boarding (we were so confused) so we ran to the gate which was closed and begged to get on. They opened the gate for us and we later figured out not only did they not tell us at check in about the flight change, but our American Airlines app wasn’t reflecting our flight change either. Another simple solution, check your paper tickets they give you at the counter!!


Until Next Time,
Stay Wanderous & Wild
-The Mitchell Tribe





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